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If you are interested in savouring ‘real’ wine and local cuisine, fascinated by Roman and medieval history, intrigued by stories of the Cathars and Knights Templar, seduced by towering mountains, great rivers, beautiful valleys and stunning vineyards and their wines, then WineHunters can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Whether you have only a few days to spare or can afford the luxury of a longer stay, WineHunters is here to create the ultimate individual plan for you to enjoy the tastes, sights, sensations and atmosphere of the real France.

Our role is to provide you with a welcoming, romantic and sensual place to stay and through our extensive local knowledge and contacts, to open doors that may otherwise remain closed.

We will introduce you to specialist wine makers, restaurants, local produce, village markets, ancient abbeys that still make their own wine and many other places that other visitors may miss, bringing alive all the history still visible in so many medieval towns and villages, all within easy reach of your destination.

We will enable you to understand all the key facts about wine in its most natural of environments and how the inextricable links between wine, food and local culture influenced now by modern attitudes, have created the wine revolution that is taking place in the Languedoc region today - Wine in the ‘Old World’ style with a ‘New World’ approach

So Come Wine and Dine with Me!

WineHunters Tours
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WineHunters has a very clear philosophy - to create an adventure for all wine lovers eager to improve their knowledge and understanding of 'All Things Wine and Food'.


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