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Welcome to your new Wine adventure with 'WineHunters'. Our 'Simply Wine' Course will take you on an interesting journey enabling you, in your own time, to feel much more confident in the 'World of Wine.'

'Simply Wine' is a comprehensive introduction to 'All Things Wine' and is presented in 12 chapters with images covering all the main topics and subjects that you need to know in order to build your confidence in any wine environment.

It is a step by step learning adventure, which comes with fun Q and A sections to test your new found knowledge and this fun educational read is yours to keep for continued reference.

Learn at your own pace and always remember, there are wines out there for everyone just waiting to be discovered. This is a building process of improved knowledge, so you can choose from the vast arena of wine now available in the world today.

Each section is designed around topics that are all linked to complete the story, to enable you to move forward and also rewind so that you need never forget all you have learned.

Click below to purchase the 'Simply Wine' Course either for £23.50 (Special 1/2 Price Offer was £47.00) for the full course.

'Come Wine with Me' and start your adventure now. 

Alan Hunter AIWS

(Associated Member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits)

Within 24 hours you will receive your password and access to your first lesson or the full 'Simply Wine' course just as soon as we have set up your account and have processed your order.


'The Simply Wine Course is much more informative than any wine book I have ever purchased. Choosing a good wine is now easy and it's been fantastic impressing my friends at parties!' Mr Rankin, Cheshire

'I have learned so much more about wine from the Simply Wine Course, great fun, interesting and easy to follow. I can now choose wine with more confidence, saving money and having fun' Marylin Brien, Cheltenham

'Loved the Simply Wine Course, each chapter a step by step adventure and easy to follow' Ester Bernades, Henley on Thames

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