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Alan Hunter AIWS

Alan is qualified to Full Diploma Level by the Wines and Spirits Education Trust. The foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education.

" passion for wine started way back in my catering training years at the Birmingham College of Food in 1966, at that time accredited to be the best catering college in Europe.

The elementary wine course was included an essential part of the complete learning process  about food;  how to become a professional chef, how to serve the best food in the world’s top dining establishments and how to appreciate and understand the inextricable link between food and wine, the greatest partnership in the world.

My desire then was to be as proficient as I could in every aspect of the trade, with a view to running my own restaurant. This I did eventually achieve, but I never could have imagined that the route would take me on such a fascinating journey of learning, discovery and adventure.

I have experienced every environment the catering industry has to offer, sometimes under the harshest of conditions in the kitchens of top establishments, managing bars, restaurants, night clubs, working for international wine merchants and breweries, then eventually owning and operating my own Wine Bars and Restaurants, in the UK and abroad, and also importing wines from around Europe.

 I would like to take you with me now on some of these adventures, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace so you too can learn more about wine and food, how to improve your knowledge and increase your skills in this most important arena of social interaction, making you confident and ensuring that you can enjoy all the wonderful opportunities that food and wine together,  have to offer us all.

A very warm welcome to WineHunters and I am looking forward to introducing you to some of the trade’s best kept secrets, so you too can enjoy this world to the full, just like a professional. Happy drinking and, of course, always remember to drink responsibly…."

*AIWS (Associated Member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits)

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