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Can WineHunters assist with travel arrangements?

We can certainly advise you with regard to all areas of travel to join our tours. We are happy to help.

Do we need to make accommodation arrangements for our WineHunters Tour?

There will be excellent accommodation available to you for the complete period of your tour with us. But if you wish we can assist and advise you on other accommodation if you plan to take additional venues either on your way to join your WineHunters tour or afterwards.

Will there be opportunities to purchase some of the wines we enjoy?

If during your tour there are particular wines you wish to purchase we will make arrangements for you to make the purchase for delivery on your return.

How set in terms of event organisation is a WineHunters tour?

Our tours suggest and plan places to visit, things to see and wine and food the enjoy. If something does not appeal we will endeavour to suggest an alternative – and of course relaxing and doing nothing if you wish is very much an appreciated and understood alternative.

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