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Wine Regions of France

The Languedoc in Southern France is one of the world’s oldest and largest vineyard

areas, so influential to wine production everywhere as vines were planted here as early as the 5th century BC.

Throughout history, Bordeaux may have acquired the reputation for producing the finest wines in the world, yet the potential of the Languedoc ‘terroir’ remains outstanding.

The geographical Languedoc is the valley that stretches in a vast arc, from the Rhone river and the last of the Massif Central foothills, westward to the Aquitaine and Garonne rivers, and southward to the Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenean mountains.

The region is steeped in religious history, the Cathars and the Knights Templar, stories that spark the imagination and legends that have become stronger with time.

Towns and villages are dominated by mediaeval squares, churches, castles, and priories, each shrouded in its own mysteries that lurk behind every dark corner and in each rising tower.

Due to its geographical locality and from very ancient times this area was inhabited by the Ligues, the Iberians and the Celts in the millennium BC.

The Greeks, by creating Marseille around 600 BC, opened the region to the Hellenistic influence over daily life; wine growing, philosophy and culture.

During the 2nd century BC the area was inhabited by the Volques and Tectosage people called the ‘Gaulois’ by Julias Ceasar, who instigated the building of Narbonne and the creation of the Narbonnaise region. This brought law, order and organisation.

The land of the Languedoc saw passing and integrating barbarians; the Visigoths, Arabs, Aragones and finally the Francs, the country becoming Carolingian in the 8th century.

Two distinct proud cultures, Occitan and Catalan, a tradition of heresy, steadfast rebellion and age-old customs, combine to make this region unmatched in its romance with history. The ‘Occitan’ language spoken in middle ages and still today in some areas, gives its name to this land the Langue d’Oc or Lenga d’Oc, known as ‘The Romance Language‘. Oc also means Yes in ‘Old Provencal‘.

The southern climate and the various soil varieties known as ’La Garrigue’, have created a wealth of  diversity to the region providing many excitingly different wines of great quality and individual character. Wines which are lovingly and painstakingly, crafted by many small family owned Chateaux and village Co-operatives, all influenced by great tradition where Wine Making is their world.

The wines are always indicative of the areas from where they are created, displaying the immense history and heritage of their location, the soil, and the pride of their producers. The locals call it, ‘expression de terroir’. The expression of soil, climate, grape varieties, man, passion and the region.

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