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Wine Tasting - The Label - ‘The Window to Wine 

Learn How to Taste Wine and Become an Expert……………

The art of tasting wine is simple, it just requires the right understanding of what to look for and how to taste and you don’t have to buy expensive wines to achieve this.

How do you Start?

First you must learn to how read the label, the window to every bottle. This will help you to choose the best example from the country of origin, the grape varieties for identification of taste and the best value for money to suit your pocket. If you keep going for the ‘3 bottles for a tenner’ then the chances are you will only benefit from the alcohol content and not the real flavours that better produced wines have to offer. There are still many good inexpensive wines out there to be found. Don’t always be tempted by ½ price discounts, as many are misleading and were this price to begin with.

The Wine Label:

There must be by EU law certain information displayed on the label, this must be on the front of the bottle, some wines will have a back label also describing the style of wine and the flavours to expect from the grape varieties used to make the wine and perhaps certain suggested foods that best accompany it. After practise, you will be able to make up your own mind as to what is useful advice and what is just marketing hype.

Information by law:

The quality classification

The country of origin

Alcohol content - ABV [alcohol by volume]

The liquid content - 75cl / litre / 1.5litre etc

Year of vintage - if any

The name and address of producer

Many producers now feel that this amount of information restricts them from advertising with their ‘eye catching logos’ to grab your attention, so they create a ‘back label’ design with a basic ‘front label’ for the legal requirements. There is no need to be confused as the label is there to help you, so take the time to read everything, you will learn more and it’s fun.

Our On-Line course will provide you with more information particularly with regard to the quality control laws of Europe, very important in making your decision of what to buy and how much you should be paying. We will tell about producers and vintages and why it is sometimes better to buy a poorer vintage from a well known producer than a better vintage from one with not as good a reputation.

 You can read more about the ‘Window to Wine’ and learn ‘How to Taste Wine Like a Professional, The Days of Wine and Noses’ - Join my ‘WineHunters Simply Wine’ Course’ for a Full Years Membership.

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